Saturday, July 29 • 9:00am — noon
Rainier Beach Emergency Hub

Rainier Beach Community Club/VFW Hall
6038 S. Pilgrim Street
Seattle, 98118

In emergency situations, your neighborhood Hub is where you can get information, as it becomes available, including:

  • Official estimates of when essential services may be restored.
  • News of when and where food and water deliveries are expected.
  • Information on which pharmacies, clinics, and other medical facilities are still operational.

The Hub is where you would:

  • File a Missing Person report and ask for news of missing persons and/or pets.
  • Report about hazardous conditions.
  • Ask for material help, like the loan of a chainsaw if you have a fallen tree or a handyman to replace a broken window.
  • Seek in-person help of any kind.
  • Offer items, if you have spare food or water or supplies of lumber or tarps or other things your neighbors might need.

The Rainier Beach Hub will be participating in the City-Wide Hub Drill.
Join us as a volunteer or as a “citizen actor”, or just stop by to learn more.
Check out more info on emergency hubs and how you can get involved at
Sign up to get more info on your local Hubs at (Rainier Beach) (Beacon Hill)